I had 4 miscarriages bit my doctor was always there for me

We want to start off by saying how sad we are that your loss has led you to this page. We grieve with you and want to reassure you that, despite how you may feel, this is not your fault. There are countless women throughout the world who are experiencing similar things. After a miscarriage, it’s crucial to give yourself time to heal emotionally as well as physically. You are probably sadder than you ever imagined you could be if you have lost a pregnancy. A miscarriage can be quite challenging. Women may go through an emotional roller coaster that includes numbness, shock, rage, guilt, sadness, depression, and trouble focusing. It will be challenging for you to accept, but we won’t lie to you. Discuss how this might manifest physically for you with your doctor. When do your hormone levels usually return? How long may you possibly still experience symptoms? Talking about the practical aspects of the issue may feel chilly, but it may give you more information to grasp onto as you attempt to comprehend what this means for you. This may give you more direction as to what to expect. You might be upset at your doctor, your partner, God, your circumstances, yourself, or anything else. Perhaps you feel that the physicians could have done more, or you’re upset that your partner isn’t offering you the proper level of support.

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