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I had a lot of asset…all my family was living with me

Everyone is capable of overcoming hardship and perhaps even prospering as a result. You might get stronger and more resilient as a result. Adversity is a challenge, difficult circumstance, or bad luck. No matter who they are or what path they take in life, it can happen to anyone. Adversity can be brief and specific, such as getting passed over for a promotion or having to deal with an acute accident or illness. Perhaps it could be more complicated and pervasive, like being poor, struggling in one’s career, or losing a loved one. Adversity isn’t always easy to overcome, and the process goes far deeper than generalisations about how to overcome obstacles by adopting the correct attitude. The correct mindset might be helpful, but you will probably need to test various methods before you find the one that works best for you. You might transfer responsibility and downplay your personal contribution to the current predicament by making excuses. Even if some things may be beyond of your control, your response can still have an impact on how things turn out. Examining your personal responses as well as any behaviours that contributed to the current circumstance may help you identify practical next moves. Overly pessimistic thinking might result in a psychological phenomena called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everyone has an opinion, but not all of them are worthwhile or positive. Some may even depress you and make it simpler to harbour self-doubt. You should pick the strategy that works best for you among the many options you might try to shut out the negative, such as exercising self-care or establishing clear boundaries.

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