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I had a lot of dreams when i was a child

Not that I’ve ever wanted or will ever want to be a model. However, it does limit my professional prospects. Not only are my tiny, stubby legs a no-no, but short people’s weight gain is noticeably (and painfully) more evident. You may believe this is exaggeration, but my past experiences have shown me that it is definitely possible. During a graphics class last year, I decided to do an experiment in which I stood up at my desk while the rest of the class sat. The teacher, of course, had no notion.
For the most part, finding well-fitting clothing for short individuals is tough. There’s always the small area, but let’s be honest, there’s rarely much of a selection. To be honest, I’ve become accustomed to this truth. After attending numerous concerts throughout my life, I’ve stopped moaning that my friends and I constantly stand behind tall people since I realized that it wasn’t the other people’s height that was the problem, but rather my own. This may appear inconsequential or, to others, a positive rather than a negative factor. This is a big no-no for a 17-year-old. My family and I took a trip to the Yorkshire Dales earlier this year. We were having dinner in a pub one night when we struck up a conversation with one of the bartenders.

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