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Unrequited love starts when Cupid launches his arrow without looking first and strikes the wrong person. Because you are forming an idealized vision of your ideal spouse when you are young, one-sided or unrequited love is more common. However, mature individuals can also experience very painful one-sided love from time to time. “Although teenagers are more prone to heartbreak and unrequited love, I also find that they are a resilient group and recover more quickly. Acute depression can occur in certain people who experience unrequited love. There is deeper pain. It can happen in a long-term relationship when one partner starts to feel something for the other, only to be shocked to learn that the other person doesn’t feel the same way. Such people are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. Young adults who have just started working frequently experience unrequited love from older, married coworkers or managers. It’s better to accept the situation if the person you like doesn’t express any interest in you. You feel rejected when someone you have strong feelings for doesn’t feel the same way about you. This hurts because you might start to think there’s a problem with you. Romantic rejection causes not just emotional wounds but also bodily suffering. According to research, people who experience heartbreak or a relationship ending are more likely to experience physical pain and heart attacks. Even though it’s a bitter pill to swallow, nothing about it needs to be personal. Additionally, we go over how to handle unrequited love in challenging circumstances, particularly when there are shared friends or if the new love interest also happens to be a close friend.

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