I had made a lot of mistakes in my life before finding God

All of us have encountered hurtful, annoying, offensive, and manipulative individuals. There will always be those who will disrespect, insult, berate, and misuse you if we let them, no matter how hard we try to surround ourselves with kind and positive people. For a variety of reasons, we might not be able to completely avoid them, but we can choose how we engage with them and how we let them engage with us. The phrase “to find God” is used by people for a variety of purposes. It can be an adjective used to describe people who have improved their lives, purified themselves of vices, or at other times it can be a reference to becoming spiritual. Finding God is recognizing his influence in our lives. We seek His presence as we acknowledge His presence. Hebrew for “presence” is “face.” Therefore, in Hebraic terms, to seek God’s presence is to literally seek God’s face. However, it means for contemporary Christians to look for God’s presence in our daily lives. Although the Bible teaches that God is present everywhere, we can only interact with him and have faith that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life by means of Jesus Christ. By doing this, we are recognizing God’s influence in our lives. “I am the life, the way, and the truth. Nobody else but me is the only way to the Father. You are in charge of your life when you accept responsibility for every part of it and have the ability to direct its course. It shows how well your vision and your efforts can be coordinated. When you take charge of your life, you stop allowing anybody or anything to affect your decision-making or ability to establish objectives and make changes in your life.

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