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I had more than 400 thousand in my account

It can be difficult to function when faced with life’s unavoidable challenges, such as health problems, workplace stress, or financial difficulties. Some people are reluctant to act out of concern that they will make matters worse. Others become impetuous and begin acting in any way they can without considering the best course of action. But those with strong minds may endure even when everything around them is falling apart. They effectively control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to enable them get through challenging moments. In fact, they frequently come out of adversity stronger than before. After going through a difficult moment, they might even feel happier, healthier, and more optimistic. Your capacity to cope is reduced when you think, “I can’t deal with this,” or “I’ll never get through this.” Fortunately, people with strong minds don’t always believe. They remind themselves that they are stronger than their brains let them believe when their thoughts turn unnecessarily negative. They develop the self-assurance they need to manage whatever life throws at them by giving themselves pep talks that remind them of previous difficult experiences they have overcome. Even in the most trying situations, mentally strong people prioritise taking care of their bodies and minds because they understand that doing so will make it harder to deal with stress. To be at their best when facing problems, they maintain a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, and receive plenty of rest. People that are mentally strong don’t waste time recapping talks, fretting about dire scenarios, or wishing things were otherwise.

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