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I had to go and bring flowers to Mesfin

Random acts of kindness, paying it forward, or simply doing good deeds are all powerful concepts. Because of this, doing good deeds is valued and rewarded in almost every religion and culture. The advantages of doing good deeds are numerous. While some of these advantages may be crystal clear to you, others may have escaped your attention.
Let me list all the advantages of doing good deeds for you. You must already be very kind-hearted, I’m sure. I hope I can inspire you to carry out even more good deeds than you already do. Of course, when you do a good deed, you are aiding someone. Thanks to the kindness of these kind women, the homeless man in the picture now has food to eat. A person who receives a kind deed or an act of random kindness has benefited. But he got more than just one or two meals. In addition to receiving food, he also heard that he is valuable and deserving of assistance. Both his heart and stomach are warmed by this kind deed. A good deed not only benefits the recipient but also makes you feel good and warms your own heart. It gives you something worthwhile to do to pass the time if you’re unemployed or retired. It provides a social outlet for those who might otherwise feel alone and isolated. Giving assistance to others broadens your outlook and diverts your attention from your own issues. You are made aware that you are not the only person in the world who has problems by concentrating on someone other than yourself. It’s even possible that there are many people out there who are dealing with much more severe issues than yours.

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