I have 26 dogs of different breeds

We all want the best for our furry family members as pet owners. Every pet owner cares deeply that their animal companions receive all the care and supplies they require to live happy and healthy lives as pets. It takes more than just filling the pet’s water bowl, walking the dog, and cleaning the litter box to properly care for a pet. To help pet owners be the best possible pet parents, we’ve created a list of pet care requirements in honor of Responsible Pet Owner Month. Training your dog is a responsibility that comes with being a responsible canine pet parent. An ongoing responsibility for pet owners is dog training. Dogs need to be trained because they don’t come with the knowledge of how we want them to act. In addition to aiding in the development of good canine manners, obedience training is essential for maintaining your dog’s happiness, health, and safety. “Teaching a dog to come when called is especially crucial because it can stop dogs from wandering off or darting into traffic. Dogs can be trained to cope with situations like going to the vet that they might otherwise find frightening. Dog training also helps to stimulate your dog’s mind and body. Positive reinforcement training is also a fun enrichment activity for dogs and a way to stimulate their brain, according to Todd. In positive reinforcement training, you’ll compliment your dog and/or give him treats when they follow the desired cue. You should be incorporating dog training into your daily schedule as a responsible pet parent.

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