I have a gift to my ex-wife…lets us be friends

It is possible to maintain friendships after a divorce in the correct situations. Although there are exceptions, divorces typically do not result from stable relationships. Therefore, many people may not find the thought of maintaining a connection with an ex after a divorce appealing in any way. Sometimes, since they have children together, ex-spouses are forced to stay in touch. Even in the case of co-parenting, maintaining friendships is a choice rather than a need, and as a decision, it has advantages and disadvantages. It provides you a chance to make amends with one another. Forgiving someone else is one of the greatest blessings you can give to yourself. Holding onto your resentment against your ex-spouse typically causes more harm to you than to them. Before you can leave your marriage in the past, you must go through a grieving process for the loss of your love relationship. Attempting to retain or develop a connection with your ex while you are going through the mourning process, such as anger and denial, could stop you from getting through it all and truly recovering. Even if you choose to remain friends, you should first take some time apart to mourn the breakup of your marriage. Pro: It could enhance your bond with your co-parent. Being friends with your ex-spouse increases your likelihood of keeping the lines of communication open, which can make co-parenting your children much simpler.

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