“I have a message for you athlete Haile” comedian Zedo

Even today, jokes about the African Union can be heard from the stage. At least one of them has an explanation for Ethiopia’s frequent appearance on the agenda of African Union summits. One of the stand-up comedians, Zedo, declared, “I’m sick and tired of African Unity, integration, unification, progress and all that nonsense.” What was the purpose of their journey? The females, in particular. It is also possible for Ethiopian women to buy Ethiopian food. There are several options available to you: Aselefech hasn’t worn makeup in years. Comedy is applauded and cheered by the audience. As a result of their wit, the Azmaris are known for their wax-and-gold ironies. People all over the world adore Ethiopians because of their razor-sharp wit. Azmaris’ ideas attracted the attention of even the upper echelons of society at the time. Azmaris were well-known for their sarcasm back then. When something happened, they made sure to tell everyone. Jokes by well-known poet Aleqa Gebrehanian can be found all over her work. Some of his comments have become a clich. The fact that Azmaris has lived in Ethiopia for a long time doesn’t mean that stand-up comedy is a common occurrence. Although stand-up comedians such as Tesfaye Kassa and Abirham Asmelash appear to have a beneficial and a detrimental impact on Ethiopian society, it is difficult to determine the exact impact. Nowadays, people are no longer mocking the past.

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