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I have an idea to write a poem based on the photo – Mesrak Terefe

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Meeting with Mesrak Terefe on Tadias Addis. I have a plan to compose a sonnet dependent on the photograph – Mesrak Terefe. In a selective meeting with ENA, Watermaster, and GERD Negotiator, Gedion said the subsequent filling is certifiably not an exceptional occasion as the filling is being directed dependent on the timetable concurred by the specialists of the three nations that contained from Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan. Ethiopia is filling the dam dependent on the timetable settled upon by the three nations, he avowed.

“The Ethiopian public expects that this filling plan is continued it might be said that the development speed ought to continue as per the arrangement to accomplish this objective on the grounds that the development and the filling are indivisible,” Gideon brought up. He further expressed that when the tallness of the dam expands, the water in the supply increments.

The filling is directed in corresponding with the developments. This has been plainly written in the presentation of standards. They [Egypt and Sudan] know the way that the development and filling exercises of the dam indivisible, he added. In any case, they are attempting to take the GERD issue to the UN Peace and Security Council by preparing the League of the Arab States. Appointee Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Memonen said today that the GERD is an improvement project which doesn’t fall under the order of the Security Council, during his conversation with representatives and negotiators of the Nile riparian states in Ethiopia.

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