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I have been through a lot looking for son’s father

Our search angels have helped thousands of people find their birth parents (s). More than half of the queries we get are from people looking for their biological father. In this post, we hope to assist those who want to learn how to find their biological father without knowing who he is. The techniques we employ when we don’t know the names of the individuals we’re looking for are listed below. When searching for birth dads, our team states that “Paternity is constantly in question.” We often do not consider any information or evidence offered as 100 percent accurate when it comes to identifying and learning about a birth father. At the time of conception, a birth mother might have been fully sober and conscious and had no further sexual encounters. However, narcotics, alcohol, and multiple prospective sexual partners who could be the birth father were all present in many, if not all, of the cases we deal with. The basic practicalities of the situation just required a brief presence of the birth father. We’ve worked on several cases when the birth mother is unaware or willfully withholds information. Although we don’t mean to offend anyone, we conduct birth father searches in the hope of discovering verifiable proof. The most conclusive evidence is a paternity or DNA test. The fact that I didn’t know who my father was or that he wasn’t around when I was a child used to annoy me. My mother and father had divorced before I was born. It was more harder because my mother could only give me very little information about who my father was when I was a child. In fact, the only things I knew about him were his last name, the fact that he was African-American, a veteran, and tall.

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