I have been told she would leave me one day

In relationships, being overly controlling is a common cause for concern. Individuals that attempt to dictate your actions, choices, or beliefs are more focused on their own desires than on what is in your best interests. A warning sign might be if a guy or female tries to dictate where you go or what you dress. A healthy relationship involves recognizing and making concessions for one another’s differences. Nobody is in charge of another person’s behavior. A strong foundation of trust is necessary for any successful partnership. Having mistrust from partners, acquaintances, coworkers, or family members is a big indicator of an unhealthy relationship. We all have doubts from time to time, of course. However, this shouldn’t deter us from having faith in the good intentions of the people in our life. The individuals closest to you ought to strengthen rather than undermine you. Love commits you to upholding and encouraging the person you love. Something has to change if your partner, family, or friends do not provide you with that kind of support. There is no denying that abuse physical, emotional, or mental raises red flags in any relationship. It is simpler to learn about physical abuse. However, in the long term, emotional and mental abuse can be just as harmful. Moreover, psychological and emotional violence can result in PTSD, just like physical assault. You are never the correct person to blame for someone else’s troubles. Those ought to be handled fairly and constructively. Abuse is never a suitable solution to an issue.

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