I have cut my boyfriend’s hair while he was sleeping

I try to participate in my introverted manner when my partner is being playful. And that’s excellent news because studies show that playful interactions between partners are more intimate and fulfilling. Unfortunately, as we age, humans tend to lose their sense of play. Since play is by nature an idle activity, it necessitates some flexibility and space. Schedules and life’s stresses can have an impact on our relationship and rob it of its lighthearted nature. Fred might start bopping to the beat less frequently one day. That loss is more significant than we might think. Researchers are looking into the many psychological roles that play in romantic relationships, and they’re discovering that it provides us with more than simply the occasional giggle. Play may provide us a sense of security, provide a means of communication, and even aid in dispute resolution. We might simply have to develop our own methods of navigating life’s dance steps if we’re serious about developing a close and enduring connection. You may not have ever asked yourself that question, but evolutionary theorists do since (at least on the surface) play doesn’t appear to be important for our survival. According to some experts, being playful may act as a cue to prospective mates. Men who play cooperatively with others may be displaying their lack of aggression—a desirable quality when violent men pose a threat to their wives and children—and women who are animated during play may be exhibiting their youth, which serves as a surrogate for their reproductive potential. In any case, that is how some academics understand the observation that people appear to seek for humor, playfulness, and a fun-loving attitude in possible partners.

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