I have got great respect for you

Growing up with respect from significant persons in our lives teaches us how to treat others with courtesy. Respect implies accepting someone for who they are, even if they are different from you or have different opinions than you. Respect enhances feelings of safety, security, and wellbeing in your interactions. Respect can be learned; it doesn’t have to come instinctively. Some individuals realize the value of respect immediately, while others find it difficult to comprehend why it’s crucial to consult partners before making major choices or why we should occasionally swallow our pride and go to the opera with them. Even if we don’t enjoy doing something, we can still do it if we know that it will make our partners feel loved and appreciated. If one of the partners disrespects the others, even a pleasant relationship might turn sour and jeopardize their future. Respect for someone is acknowledging their viewpoint, desires, ideas, and feelings as well as loving them and giving them the freedom to be who they are and voice their opinions. You must be sensitive to one another’s feelings. You must respect one another’s viewpoints and take care of one another’s feelings. In order to respect emotional values, cooperate and find common ground. Simply acknowledge and respect the fact that you and your partner are two distinct individuals with unique characteristics.

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