“I have live only for 19 years” artist Leake Mekonnen

Age is simply a number; it can be misleading. Many individuals believe that once they reach a particular age, they are no longer able to engage in activities they once enjoyed or would like to. This is not true! As long as you are physically and mentally capable, you can do whatever you desire in life. It’s only a number, age. This implies that age is just a number and doesn’t matter.
For instance, even though my mom is older than my dad, she is still a fantastic mother.
Another illustration is how some young people have wisdom well beyond their years. Age is only a number and has no real significance. I don’t feel old, I don’t act old, and I don’t look old. Age is only a number to me. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve lived. It is your years of life. It’s only a number, age. I never considered how long I would play when I first began. I actually pursued my very definite goals, which were quite clear. For you to read and share with others, I’ve collected some of the best “Age is Just a Number” quotations, sayings, and captions.

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