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When someone close to you is unhappy, it’s really simple to become unhappy yourself. It’s crucial to support our friends, family, and partners when they’re struggling, especially if they’re going through something extremely tragic like the death of a loved one. However, we can all think of at least one person who, when feeling down about themselves or the world around them, throws a helluva pity party.
It’s crucial that we care for ourselves when our friends are struggling, no matter what the circumstance. When people you care about are struggling, it might be difficult to pull back emotionally, but once you’ve fallen into that pit, it’s impossible to escape. The first step towards a good mindset is actively accepting that you’re currently in a state of negativity if your friend has caused you to fall into one. Being aware that you’ve gotten caught in it is a great benefit. Prepare yourself before speaking with someone if you anticipate meeting someone who is emotionally distressed. Giving yourself a pep talk before you enter a situation in which you realise that you will encounter this person, that they will be upset, and that you will choose not to succumb to their feelings. This will offer you a better understanding of your friend’s predicament and allow you more control over whether or not to be sympathetic.

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