I have make a lot of mistakes

Every relationship is unique. Some warning signs and red flags, on the other hand, can point to serious marital problems. If you’re worried about something, don’t ignore it and hope it goes away on its own. They don’t in most cases, and if they aren’t addressed, they could get worse. It’s better to be open, honest, and polite when talking to your spouse about the problems in your relationship instead. However, it’s a difficult conversation to have. Even the best relationships have their ups and downs, but you should be on the lookout for a few telltale signs to see if your marriage is in trouble. Maybe some constructive criticism can help. If, on the other hand, you are more critical than complimentary, you may be putting yourself in jeopardy. In order to maintain a healthy working relationship, it is recommended that you have at least five positive interactions for every negative one. Everyone experiences highs and lows in the bedroom. No need to worry if you don’t want to undress your significant other every night. Even though you and your partner are both in good health, you may not be able to have sex for months or even years at a time because of a lack of emotional closeness or romanticism. Disagreements can occur in even the most harmonious of marriages.

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