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Marriage can have amazing effects on a person’s health, level of life satisfaction, and ability to manage stress, but every partnership has its difficulties. A couple may feel stressed out by typical marital concerns, but there are ways to deal with these challenges. One of the most frequent marital issues that spouses have is disagreements over money. In the United States, about one-third of persons who are in relationships with others said that money was a point of contention. One partner may become less tolerant or impatient when they are under a lot of financial pressure; they may then unknowingly create disputes with the other partner over irrelevant issues. Try to be open and honest with your partner. What do each of you hope to accomplish each month in terms of spending and saving? Always keep in mind that finding a compromise within your limits will enable both of you to live comfortably. Consider dividing the work. Perhaps one month you focus on home expenses and the other on saving money, and then you switch the next month. Having a monthly “money date” when you pay bills and create budgets can even make it more entertaining. Keep in mind that scheduling frequent date dates with your partner might make talking about money less tense and serious.

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