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I have never expected this from someone like him

Do not linger on the past. Rather, embrace the present while anticipating, making plans for, and relishing the future. Regardless of how magnificent it was, the past is still the past. Don’t rest on your laurels or repeat unpleasant events; instead, cherish the memories and accomplishments of the past and learn from your mistakes. There is potentially vastly more promise in the here and now and in the days to come than in the days gone by. Acquire knowledge from errors to avoid making the same ones repeatedly. Accurate self-reflection is one of the most important traits of prosperous businesspeople, executives, and regular people. It may take some getting used to, but it’s critical to be able to accept responsibility for your mistakes and move forward by making the necessary corrections. Being genuinely grateful for other people’s accomplishments is a virtue that is advantageous to all. Positive reinforcement is scarce in modern life. Genuinely enjoying the achievement of others will inspire and motivate them, as well as elevate your spirits. Taking delight in the suffering or bad luck of others is never productive. This is known as “schadenfreude” in German, and it is hypothesized that feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and animosity are the root of this phenomenon. Because life is not always easy, persistence is important. Everyone has both big and small failures in their lives. A key quality shared by strong, successful individuals is the capacity to get back up and carry on. The difference between winners and losers is diligence in the face of difficulty.

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