“I have never used a phone or a car….”Tekle

At least the majority of us want to succeed in life. We aspire to succeed, advance, and improve as people. But there is one aspect of success that can be encapsulated in two words: hard work. Indeed, success and effort go hand in hand. Success and hard work go hand in hand, and the former is the only way to get the latter. The difficulty with hard work is that it necessitates perseverance and dedication, which is a problem for many. But in order to succeed, we must put in the time and be prepared to believe in the process. The good news is that few people are willing to put in a lot of effort. especially when they feel their careers or businesses are stagnating or that they don’t enjoy their jobs. True, you feel better when you look good. You are self-assured. Although it may seem superficial to some, I believe that would only be judging others for wanting better things for themselves. Wanting to look good is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t diminish your character in any way. You might become a better person as a result. You are more receptive and have a different outlook on life when you feel good about your appearance and are comfortable in what you’re wearing. You don’t need to hide behind a dumpster or defend your appearance because you’re ready to meet anyone. The key to looking good every day is to make a small effort each and every day. If you don’t feel like doing your laundry or ironing your dress, don’t be careless about it.

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