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I have one question for the father of my children

A child is raised in the family. It could be rocky or shielding. Both the number of family members and their interactions with one another vary. What effect does your family have on your child? Conflicts and pressures definitely have a significant impact on how well a family functions. Egos, role parities, situations, etc., can cause turmoil in a family’s daily existence, which can lead to the family becoming dysfunctional. How your child is raised is influenced by the type of family they have. So let’s explore how to keep your child safe in a bad family. Children’s mental growth need a supportive and wholesome familial environment. An environment that fosters open communication, solid relationships between parents and children, harmony, and coherence within the family makes it easier and safer for kids to form good habits. If left untreated, mental illness can cause long-term mental health issues like sadness and anxiety in children who are raised in dysfunctional families. Children who are constantly in conflict, aggressive, abused, neglected, subjected to domestic violence, separated from their parents due to divorce, or whose parents spend a lot of time away from home are more likely to exhibit behavioural and emotional issues.

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