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She needs to know that even if a father might not always agree with his daughter, you will stand by her. A father who totally and unconditionally supports his daughter will help her build a strong sense of self-worth and a healthy self-image. You don’t have to agree with her every time, but you should make it clear to her that even if you disagree with a decision she makes, you will always respect and believe in her. She needs to know that you will treat her with respect and confidence when she does come to you to talk about personal difficulties and challenges. They shouldn’t be the topic of family discussions at the dinner table. Fathers on earth must exhibit unconditional love in the same way that our heavenly Father does. For a father to show his daughter unconditional love, the daughter must be sure that no matter how badly she screws up, her father would still be there to forgive her. A father should oversee his children’s religious education and serve as the household’s spiritual leader. Join your daughter in prayer! Don’t be afraid to discuss the Lord with her in your talks. Today’s daughters frequently lack a positive male role model. A girl’s father is the first male she will get to know well. All other men in her life are judged by her father, and having a nice father will aid her in making wise marriage decisions in the future.

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