“I have seen God…” my time with my daughters

I used to enjoy spending time with my daughter so much. For the first few years of her existence, there was only the two of us, and we were constantly on the road. even when my husband entered the picture and our family grew. Why not spend a little time alone with your daughter this bank holiday? We have some wonderful suggestions that might strengthen your mother-daughter bond. There are several activities you may do with your daughter on mother and daughter days out, such as baking together, seeing a rom-com, or getting crafty. You never know where things might go, so why not start by spending some quality time together just the two of you? Although the years fly fast, the days with young children can seem interminable. Your six-month-old baby is in your arms one moment, turning six the next, and in no time at all, she will be sixteen!
Making the most of your time spent with your children is crucial for this reason. which, given how hectic life is, is sometimes easier said than done. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort. Even though your adolescent daughter seems to prefer being hooked to her phone, that one-on-one interaction is crucial for your connection and keeps you two connected. Get your daughter to assist you in organizing your clothing and deciding what needs to be stored or rotated. Younger girls like spending time with you in your world. Additionally, organizing your jewelry box or cosmetics bag can be quite helpful. If you have a teen, she will like having the authority to choose your clothes and advise you on what to keep and donate. Just prepare yourself for her favorite things being labeled “too young for you” (and therefore end up in her wardrobe)

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