“I have something to tell to the prime minister” young Amran

Children naturally exhibit a sense of exploration and curiosity. From everyone, especially parents, they pick up limitations, fears, and doubts. Be a mentor, but always allow your kids to take the initiative and pursue interests and goals that are different from your own. My mother told me, “I’m taking you out for a drink,” when I turned 18 years old. She didn’t try to discourage me from drinking or make it uncool. I never felt the need to sneak around or fight her because I had the option to do either. Every time you try to “forbid” something, kids find a way to rebel easily. Give your child the freedom to live life, even the messy parts. Asking them, “What will get created in my life if I choose this?” will encourage them to make informed decisions for themselves. Don’t label your child as good, bad, right, or wrong for anything they are or do. Recognize that even if they get into trouble (which they will! ), they will grow from the experience. Don’t cut them off and stay by their side. What did that decision create, ask them? What insight did it give you that you can use going forward? It is productive and nurturing to give them the knowledge that they have the ability to deal with and alter anything in their lives that isn’t working. Self-criticism is not judgment. Self-trust is the greatest gift you can give yourself and invite for your kids. Listen to your inner voice and follow your instincts when it comes to parenting. Encourage your kids to do the same. When something doesn’t feel right to choose, even if your best friend is advising you to do it, trust your instincts and follow them, I tell my kids.

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