I heard my mother voice after 17 years

You learn to exhale slowly, keep your eyes closed, and hope they won’t suffer any harm. You come to adore stuff like Fantasy Football and Star Wars. Even while you still don’t understand their appeal, you get used to fart jokes and physical contact. You become acutely aware of the enormous role you bear in the fight against harmful masculinity stereotypes. When you consider how sensitive and emotional males truly are, you realise how inaccurate the clichés are. You also learn how to give children the freedom to be themselves, in all their loud and wild beauty, while nurturing their emotional sensitivity and vulnerability. I have to admit that a lot of my worries about parenting sons were unjustified. Any child’s relationship with their mother is extremely vital and special. Things are a little different when you have a son, though. The relationship moms develop with their sons is something that neither those who have it nor those who do not can fully comprehend. It’s likely that the mother has already noted how unique their bond is. Every day, the bond that has been established gets stronger. Because she has nothing else to compare it to, a mother who exclusively has boys may not be aware of how profound this bond is.

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