“I hope I will not pass before becoming a billionaire” comedian Eshetu

Comedian Eshetu on Seifu EBS. If you want to be a stage actor, you’ll probably need to be good at memorizing lines for most acting roles, and if you want to be a theatrical actor, you’ll probably need to learn the entire script. The hardest part of becoming a stage actor, in the eyes of many, is learning lines. Fortunately, you may focus more on your performance and less on forgetting the script thanks to a variety of memorization activities. Reread your lines as often as you can, whether it’s before bed, during early rehearsals, or even on the bus or train. You should be able to remember all of your lines fairly quickly if you practice your lines at home and strive to refer to your script less frequently during theatre practices with each performance. Although dialogue is a crucial component of acting, a skilled actor is able to express meaning without it. After all, actors remained quiet on screen for the first several decades of cinema. It’s important to perform physically because, when done well, it may reveal a lot about your personality to the audience even before you say a word. For the most comprehensive performance possible, your voice and body must cooperate. One of the earliest and most basic ways to build those physical acting skills is to practice in front of a mirror. Pay attention to both your facial emotions and body language; even seemingly little acts, like the way you open a door, can reveal a person’s personality. Whether or not you want to participate in musicals, dancing classes can still be very helpful, and many acting schools include it as part of their curriculum.

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