I introduce my friend to my girlfriend

One of life’s greatest blessings is friendship. Making an effort to show your friends you care is a sign of a great friend. Spending time together, listening intently, and sending supportive cards or gifts are all excellent ways to fortify a friendship. Support your friend if they are going through a difficult time. There are support groups, mentors, and counselors your friend can connect with if you’re unsure of what to do or feel they need more assistance than you can provide. Learning how to establish and uphold healthy boundaries is another aspect of friendship. Even for those who are closest to us, none of us can be or do everything. It’s acceptable to request some alone time or to delay responding to calls or texts. Tell your friend what you need, when you’re hurting, and how they can support you if you’re having a hard time. A strong friendship is a two-way street where you both give and receive in a healthy manner. Finding support from someone you can trust or seeking assistance from a mentor or counselor may be helpful if you’re having trouble making friends or resolving conflicts in existing friendships. I never imagined writing a blog post about having great friends. However, I am astounded by the sheer number of callers to my show, Dawson McAllister Live, who, deep down, need a good friend. The truth is that we are all hardwired for fulfilling relationships. According to studies, having close friends makes you live longer.

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