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There is still much work to be done, despite ongoing improvements in research, treatment, and awareness campaigns, which is one of the reasons May is designated as Mental Health Month. Most people don’t learn about mental health problems until they are personally affected by a tragedy like suicide. The goal of Mental Health Month is to encourage a more proactive, positive approach to dealing with mental illnesses. It’s crucial that we start conversations about what mental illness is, how to recognize it, and the fact that it is a treatable illness, just as we educate communities about physical health concerns like heart disease. Here are some easy actions you can take to spread awareness about mental health in your community: Discuss this with everyone you know. Ask your loved ones, friends, and coworkers how they’re doing, and pay close attention to their responses. Inform them that there are resources available to help them if they show any signs of being stressed or depressed. – Encourage them to get assistance right away if you suspect that they might be thinking about self-harm or suicide. Be transparent about your experience. Share your experience if you have dealt with or are dealing with mental illness. It can be relieving to learn that another person is experiencing the same thing you are. Additionally, it might be the motivation someone needs to seek treatment and assistance. Encourage using kind words. When you hear those close to you using derogatory terminology to describe mental illness, politely request that they think about the implications of their words. It is harmful and might prevent someone from seeking help if language serves to further the stigma associated with mental illness.

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