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I just want to see my twin daughter

If you are considering adoption for your child, it is critical that you obtain as much information, advice, and counseling as possible. You can do this before the baby is born, but nothing will be confirmed until the baby is born. There are certainly additional things you might think about. Adoption is a lifelong commitment. It’s an important decision, but there are many resources available to assist you. Talking to a social worker at the hospital where you gave birth or adoption services in your state or territory is an excellent place to start. The goal of the law is to guarantee that you completely comprehend adoption before giving your kid up for adoption. You have 30 days after the baby’s birth to provide your consent for adoption. You must first give your approval to the adoption. Both the birth mother and father of the child must sign an adoption consent form. The child’s father has the same legal rights as the mother. That implies he has the right to participate in the legal procedure, offer medical information, and have a role in the adoptive parents’ selection.

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