I know her dad before I know her

Relationship communication can take place in two different ways: verbally and nonverbally. Nonverbal cues include hand holding, eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions. Have you ever wondered why a guy would hold your hand? You couldn’t exactly read his mind, which is the main reason you posed this query. To avoid arguments or misunderstandings in the relationship, you must be certain that he is holding your hand for the reasons you think he is. When those feelings are roiling through his body, a guy might be holding your hand. Holding your hands might be his way of letting you know that he likely feels new in the relationship. Another meaning of holding hands might be that he wants to feel closer to you. You need to start a conversation with him so he can express himself, whatever his motivations may be. Many guys don’t like to talk, so they’ll try to communicate with you through subliminal and unconscious cues. When someone holds a guy’s hand, they react differently. Depending on your motives for holding his hand, these responses will occur. He will realize that you want to connect with him if you hold his hands while you are in love. In contrast, holding a guy’s hands when he is angry with you is one of the best ways to express your regret and establish a deeper connection. Another way to try to develop intimacy with him is to hold hands. Holding hands in a relationship might mean a lot to him if he enjoys showing his affection in front of others. He would be pleased to learn that you take pride in displaying him as your partner.

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