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i know the feeling because I am a mom

Even if you are his or her parent, your child is unlikely to have as vivid a memory of you from a year ago as an adult or older child. Even when an object is hidden from view, it takes a newborn between 7 and 9 months to understand that it exists. Even at the age of two, studies have shown that a child who is away from a significant person, such as a dependable caretaker, develops anxious. Simply said, children remember things in a different way. As a result, your child may not recognize you at first and may even be unresponsive.
Your child’s reaction to your absence is the second aspect over which you have no control. The panelists are uninformed of your divorce’s circumstances, but they are aware that not all divorces are amicable or even neutral. If yours didn’t, you should be aware that your child may feel conflicted, puzzled, or even resentful about you. You should be prepared to respond honestly and simply to your child’s questions about why you left or stayed away. Consider that he or she may have heard things about you during your absence that make him or her wary of you, and that such things “may be the sole recall that a child has at that age.” Finally, many children your child’s age like sticking to a schedule. They like to do the same things with the same people all of the time. They appreciate having the same bedtime story told to them every night, and any reader who attempts to vary or skip a single page or paragraph will be penalized. Even if you have the greatest of intentions and love your child with all of your heart and soul, you will always seem strange and unusual to him. Even if the change you’re bringing to his or her life looks to be for the better, you’ve upset his or her apple cart, and he or she may not see things your way. While the panelists do not advise expecting outright rejection, they do recommend that you keep your expectations in check for your initial meeting. The parent must put aside the adult desire to be instantly loved and welcomed.

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