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I left her when she was 20 days old

This report is part of a series called Keeping. The investigations reveal flaws in our healthcare and support systems, which contribute to child abandonment. We all know that children thrive when they have a positive relationship with both parents, but this isn’t always achievable. When children are separated from their other parent, it’s critical to reassure them that their thoughts, words, or actions did not cause the abandoning parent to abandon them, and that they are loved and valued. One of the parents has no contact with the children. It’s possible that the children have never met the other parent. Or there was a previous relationship, but the parent abruptly and utterly abandoned the children’s lives. It takes time and effort to address your children’s feelings of sorrow when one of their parents dies. Regardless of how you feel, don’t tell your kids that the other parent’s departure was a mistake. If your child wonders if the other parent made a mistake by leaving, you may respond that everyone makes errors from time to time, and this “could be” one of them. However, reserve your own opinion on the subject. Help your children cope with any feelings of rejection or guilt they may be experiencing.

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