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I lost all my asset and saving because of a disagreement

Keep your cool. Be still and say nothing. Let the storm develop naturally. Frequently, the person who is angry intends to provoke you. Argumentation is useless because it creates boundaries. Think about how I handled the problem at the barber. Allow the other person to speak. Soon, he or she will weary of it. That is all they desire at times. being heard. feeling significant. Everyone desires to feel significant. Some people simply choose to express it in negative ways. Genuinely consider the other person’s point of view. Put yourself in his position. Avoid saying “you’re mistaken.” In fact, make a concerted effort to identify and expand on areas of consensus. The phrase “Yeah, yes, I understand exactly what you’re saying” carries a lot of weight. You imply. This lets the other person know that you can hear them. Usually, all they ask for is validation for that. You progressively reduce the other person’s rage by agreeing with them. If there is no imminent danger of physical harm, speak with the individual you are having an issue with face-to-face. Instead than writing a letter, pounding on the wall, throwing a rock, or whining to everyone else, having a direct dialogue is considerably more successful. Make a schedule and allot enough time to have a full talk. Don’t, for instance, bring up the conflict as the other person is ready to leave to prepare supper. Try to have the conversation in a peaceful setting where you may both feel at ease and unbothered for whatever long it lasts. It is impossible for the other person to hear you and comprehend your concerns if you start an argument with them. Don’t start the conversation off with your suggestions for what needs to be done or by blaming the other person for everything.

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