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I love her and I want to do everything for her

Most experts feel that many marriages collapse because of “masked breakdowns,” in which the pair maintains a facade “for the sake of the children.” Only 9% of marriages are childless, despite the fact that 27% of divorces do not involve children. Childless marriages appear to be more likely to fail, especially if the failure is due to a lack of desire for children. This may represent the temperament of childless couples, as well as a responsible couple’s unwillingness to have children when their marriage is crumbling. When there are no children present, though, there is less of a need to stay together. Couples without children are more likely to divorce than couples with at least one child. Childless and childfree have emotional and, in certain situations, political undertones. “Waiting too long to have a child, a failed relationship, a disease inhibiting conception, ineffective fertility treatments, not finding a suitable spouse, or not having the finances to raise a kid” are all examples of people who are childless. People frequently find themselves unable to have the children they had hoped for. Some childless people get on with their lives without having children, while others struggle along a path they had not imagined. Infertility can be a source of considerable sadness for those who are childless. “People who have decided not to have children” are referred to as “childfree.” Procreation is not a part of their lives.

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