I love her so much it make me cry talking about her

Nothing is more thrilling than the moment you realize you have feelings for someone. Your stomach flutters, you long to talk to or be with them, and you suddenly feel the need to come up with creative ways to impress them. The emotions can become truly extraordinary when you begin to fall in love with someone, and there may be a feeling that is difficult to describe.
And even though you might think you’re in love, not all relationships end up being romantic. Find out by reading on. Understanding whether you are in love with someone or not is crucial, just like with any other emotion or feeling. Being in a position where you are unsure of your feelings for someone is never easy. You might be in a situation where someone has expressed their love for you, but you are unsure of whether you are truly ready to respond to those feelings. Or perhaps the person you adore is about to start dating someone else, and you need to let them know how you feel before it’s too late.
But how would you know if what you feel is true, persistent, and legitimate? Love is a lot stronger than the other emotions we feel in life. We build our entire lives around it. We start families and relocate across the globe for. It is crucial to know whether what you are feeling is true love or a form of lust or infatuation. It may indicate that you are falling in love with someone if you find yourself gazing at them for a long time. Eye contact typically indicates that you are fixated on something. You should be aware that you have found a lover if you find yourself staring at someone repeatedly. According to studies, couples who catch themselves gazing at one another are in a romantic relationship. That is accurate, too. If you don’t feel anything for someone, you can’t be staring at them.

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