I made a mistake when she fell in love with me

When you walk into the room, they’ll start to make more eye contact and smile. They’ll be sympathetic, accommodating, and unwaveringly encouraging. You’ll feel secure in their presence and a strong sense of mutual trust. When you chat to someone you love, communication is simple. They’ll let you be open and respectfully address conflict. A strong, loving relationship is built on comfort and safety. When a person is truly in love with you, they will make you feel secure both physically and emotionally. They won’t intimidate, demean, try to control, or isolate you from your social network. They will even encourage you to express yourself freely and to accept yourself completely. Being constructive is different from criticising someone in an effort to diminish them. If you make a mistake, a supportive spouse might provide advice or constructive criticism, but they won’t try to undermine you or make you feel insignificant. Everyone gets upset occasionally, and a partner who cares about you will try to let their anger out in constructive ways. They won’t employ it to intimidate or terrify you. It demonstrates their concern for you and their willingness to put in the effort necessary to make you feel comfortable with them if your partner admits to having anger management problems and outbursts.

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