I married my high school sweetheart I am lucky

I’ll be honest; I was a little confused by this one. My blog is a contemporary advice column, however I choose to write about the subjects that I have knowledge about. I’ll be honest; I don’t really understand being single. When I was eight years old, I first met my future husband. I was fifteen when we first started dating, and we were married about ten years later. I’m completely aware that my circumstance was entirely unique and that no one meets their soul partner at the age of 15. Desiring love is one thing, but understanding what you require is quite another. It’s crucial that you put finding yourself first while you wait impatiently for your prince (or princess) to come along. Finding someone to date will be easier if you feel at ease in your own skin. You are missing out on one of the best periods of your life if you are battling with being single. Life doesn’t begin when you get married; it begins the moment you get into a relationship. Take in every moment of the adventure. Make friends, meet new people, and engage in current interests. Trust me, being single is far preferable to being committed to the wrong person. You should truly believe that there is nothing wrong with you and practise this phrase constantly. It is inspiring to know that there are millions of gorgeous, intelligent, and accomplished people who are still single. Being self-aware and refusing to compromise are commendable traits that, quite simply, make you a boss.

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