I miss my child…it was to hard for my wife

Do you recall the time you found out you were going to become a parent? I do. Jill, my wife, and I had just recently begun our marriage when she came to me beaming with unbridled excitement. She cried, “I’m pregnant!” We all rejoiced as tears flowed down the face of this strong old football player—he wasn’t that old back then. My initial thought was joy, but my second was worrying how to be a decent dad. I considered my biological father, Ed Tandy, who was killed in a Navy fighter jet crash a month before I was born despite having heard the same words from my mother. He shared the good news with my mother, just as Jill and I did, but he was never able to be my father. Today’s fathers face many challenges, but it doesn’t mean we don’t care for our kids. We suffer because so many of us grew up without a father or were reared by fathers who never had children of their own. Dad, you are important to God and to your family. God wants to make you the father your kids deserve. The more you comprehend and embrace God’s love for you, the more you are able to love your children. You will have more to give as a man, husband, and parent the more love you receive from your heavenly Father. To understand that God was my father so that I could raise my own children in the same manner became my desire.

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