I missed my wedding because fo covid

The primary driving force underlying all behavior is emotion. Our feelings have the power to lead us in any direction—even the incorrect one. Because of this, having emotional stability and strength is essential to one’s overall success and pleasure. A mentally strong person may endure difficult challenges by using them as a chance for personal growth and development. People that are emotionally strong exhibit some traits in common, which are visible in the way they behave and go about their daily lives. People who are emotionally stable exude confidence when they enter a space. They don’t need approval from others to realize how valuable they are, therefore they aren’t always looking for attention. There will always be uncontrollable events in life, but those that we allow into our lives are not among them. People that are emotionally strong are aware that the people they choose to surround themselves with have a reflection of them. It’s not easy, but letting go of the individuals who drag us down is essential to living a happy life. It consumes too much mental energy to harbor resentment. Forgive someone and move on if they really repent for their wrongdoing. People that are emotionally powerful don’t hesitate to be authentic. Since they are self-sufficient, they don’t see the need to blend in. Self-assured people never question themselves. They are hopeful about the future and know what they want.

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