I no longer speak to my family because of my marriage

If you’ve ever had unrequited love, you understand how difficult it can be. It’s one of the worst emotions in the world to discover that the girl of your dreams isn’t interested in you at all. For many of us, the alternative is to disregard the obvious and accept every expression of love or appreciation she gives us as confirmation that she isn’t genuinely fading away. Our heads are buried in the sand. However, the fact that you’re asking yourself this question in the first place is a massive red flag. In the end, you’re merely prolonging the suffering. Finally, knowing the truth about your current circumstance will allow you to move on to someone who likes you as much as you enjoy them. If your sweetheart changes his or her plans for you, it’s not always a terrible indication. If your lover has only sought a rain check a few times owing to illness or an unintended duplicate booking, the end of your romantic relationship is improbable. If she continues canceling arrangements with you at the last minute, it’s an indication she’s no longer interested. I’ll say I’m sick and have changed my mind to get out of a date I’m not really interested in.

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