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I only had 10 birr when I got married

One significant difference between being in love and being in love has to do with your feelings. Particularly, you experience a powerful, almost imperceptible longing for the person you are in love with. According to marital and family therapist Kathy McCoy, Ph.D., “the exhilaration and wonder of early love, of mutual discovery, of indulging in fantasy, and of anticipating sharing so much in the years ahead is a remarkable phase in a couple’s existence together.” In fact, longing for someone is typically a sign of being “in love”: You can’t stop thinking about them, and you want for their company when you’re apart. A growing attachment develops into mature love. Your intense emotions are not the result of heightened passion or infatuation, but rather a deep-seated bond, whether the person you love is a spouse, friend, parent, or kid. ” It’s possible that what becomes clear as the fancies and illusions start to fade away is something much better: a real, lasting love. Over time, being “in love” can wane. Deep emotions might be transitory when you’re in love. As time goes on, intense adoration can wane and your partner’s novelty may fade. It’s not a given that you’ll feel the same way about someone you’re in love with today forever. Early love fades as other realities of long-term love start to push those dreams aside, according to McCoy, as phases tend to do. These realities include jobs, money, children, conflicts, aging parents, and other responsibilities. “Glamourous illusions are difficult to hold onto over time,”

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