I pray to be the same as my siblings

Having a rough childhood can leave lasting emotional scars and challenges, but with time, self-awareness, and support, it is possible to heal and find inner peace. Here are some steps to help you cope and be okay after experiencing a difficult upbringing:

  1. Seek Professional Help: Consider talking to a therapist, counselor, or mental health professional. They can provide valuable guidance and support as you work through past traumas and emotions.
  2. Practice Self-Compassion: Be kind and gentle with yourself. Understand that your feelings and reactions are valid given your experiences.
  3. Forgive Yourself and Others: Practice forgiveness, both for yourself and those who may have caused you harm. It does not mean condoning the actions, but it can help release the emotional burden.
  4. Build a Support Network: Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who understand your struggles and genuinely care about your well-being.
  5. Set Boundaries: Learn to set healthy boundaries with people who may trigger negative emotions or memories from your childhood.
  6. Engage in Self-Care: Make self-care a priority. Take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being through activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

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