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I proposed to Kal

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As of late chosen UNICEF Representative in Ethiopia Ms. Adele Khodr today acquainted her certificates with State Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Ambassador Markos Tekle Rike.

In welcoming Ms. Khodr, the State Minister said Ethiopia had confidence in multilateralism and the Government rushed to invigorate its association with workplaces like UNICEF which, he said, was known for its rationale and results-arranged programming. Ms. Khodr said UNICEF’s wide presence in the field in Ethiopia gave the affiliation the experience, ability and the verification from the field to be a reasonable associate of the Government in watching out for the troubles defying children and women.

Ms. Khodr’s occupation with UNICEF began in her neighborhood Lebanon in 1990. In 2002, she moved to Sudan where she headed UNICEF’s Child Protection program until 2005 when she moved to UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia to work on adolescent managing.

From 2006-2008, she worked as UNICEF’s Deputy Representative in Sierra Leone before moving to India to head UNICEF’s field office in the region of Uttar Pradesh. There, she drove programs on polio, sustenance, water, sanitization and neatness, and young person security for a general population of 200 million.

Ms. Khodr’s first course of action as UNICEF Representative was in Cote d’Ivoire where she worked on the kid and maternal prosperity, food, tutoring, kid confirmation with a one of a kind focus on sustenance, birth enlistment, violence against adolescents and child work, water, cleansing and tidiness, and social protection.

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