I pursued her a lot before she said yes

Men aren’t known for their vocal expression of emotions, but you can tell if a man is truly in love by his actions. When a man is completely enamored with his lady, he will do the following 15 things for her: A man who genuinely cares about his partner will be unafraid to show his vulnerability. Men despise being vulnerable, but they can’t help themselves when they genuinely care about a woman. In bed, a man who truly loves his partner will attend to her needs. He’ll consider sex to be more than just a way to satisfy his desire; he’ll consider it to be something more. Because she is so important to him, a man who is truly in love with his lady will go out of his way to help her when she is in need. A loving husband will remember details about his wife, such as her favorite color, food, author, and so on. When a man truly loves his partner, he will strive to be the best version of himself that he can be. When a husband loves his wife deeply, her accomplishments become his own. He’ll be her biggest cheerleader and want her to succeed in whatever she chooses.

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