“I reached this level b/c of my wife..” Gash Solomon

You are truly fortunate if your partner provides a safe environment for you to do this. My best friend told me two years ago that he had loved me for a very long time. Once I got over my shock, it was a day I’ll never forget because I’d had the same feelings about him for a long time. It took me some time to understand why the most attractive man I knew—who was also one of my closest friends—would choose me over anyone else. I used to think the world of him when we first started dating. My mental picture of him as my friend was one of unattainable perfection, constant joy, and a loving boyfriend who would walk across burning coals for me, just as I had seen him do for other girls. I would have done anything for him and wanted to support him in any way I could, but when we started dating, it was difficult and confusing for me for a variety of reasons, so I was the one who needed help. Things started to look very different than I had initially imagined when I didn’t get what I felt I deserved. He might not have been the kind of partner I had anticipated. Perhaps I had elevated his pedestal a little too much. Had becoming lovers after being friends been a bad idea? However, the truth was that I was relying on him for support far too much at the time, and I hadn’t even thought to acknowledge that I was the one who needed support and organization in the first place. You see, we frequently turn to outside factors to make us happy when we’re lost and confused. We’re all accountable for it.

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