I receive a lot attention after I was on Seifu’s show

We can all agree that while life has its lovely moments, there are also times when hope seems far away, regardless of whether you view life as a roller coaster or a box of chocolates. We ought to be receptive to additional opportunities for improvement during those trying times.
Swap out “to” for “for.” At some time, we’ve all asked ourselves, “Why is this happening to me? ” Try asking, “Why is this occurring for me?” as an alternative. For us, life happens. This one word can alter how you view the difficulties you’re experiencing. Because those trying times can be excellent instructors. Keep an appreciation diary. Gratitude exercises might serve as a remedy for melancholy and negativity. And it has been demonstrated that cultivating thankfulness can rewire your brain to increase your levels of happiness over time! Give to yourself. During difficult times, prioritize your well-being. Speak kind words to yourself, indulge in a weekly bubble bath, read a self-help book, take up a new activity, get lots of rest and exercise. Follow your passion. Sometimes the lowest points in our lives can serve as a launchpad for growth. Consider the lessons it has taught you, whatever you are going through. How can you turn this difficulty into an opportunity? Yes, it could take some time, but if you approach it with the appropriate attitude, you’ll be astounded at what you learn. Your loved ones and friends might serve as the guiding lights in your life. You can find the perseverance you need to push through by reaching out to them for encouragement or even just to laugh together. Being forced to be positive might lead to the accumulation of bad feelings and eventually backfire. Make room for all of your emotions by allowing yourself to feel them all.

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