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Shame is a fashionable accessory for the young and a source of embarrassment for the elderly.
We should not be ashamed to express it if we are not ashamed to think it.
You’re not being honest until you’re occasionally embarrassed of yourself. Shame isn’t necessarily a terrible moral compass. We substitute therapy we deserve with treatment we don’t deserve because of our inner shame. We are ashamed of who we are, but not of who we could be if we choose to be someone else.
I’m ashamed to be human when I see corrupt corporate-controlled governments purposefully harming the next generation. I’m constantly ashamed of myself. I simply feel worthless and replaceable. You are absolutely wrong if you feel ashamed of what you have done. We often amplify our dissatisfaction by becoming ashamed of it. Is it a matter of pride or shame? What’s the difference between the two? Never feel bad about the boundaries you create for yourself. If you’re willing to push them, do it for yourself and no one else. I’ve never done anything I’m particularly proud of. Toxic shame is the belief that you are unworthy. It occurs when you are treated badly by others and you internalize that treatment as a conviction about yourself. When you’re a youngster or an adolescent, you’re most vulnerable to this kind of abuse. When you’re filled with poisonous shame, you perceive yourself as worthless or, at best, inferior to others.
What Is the Difference Between Guilt and Shame?
These two feelings are sometimes misunderstood. When you realize you’ve done something wrong, you feel guilty. When it comes to preserving connections, it can be a useful emotion. When you’ve strayed from your moral standards, guilt might help you get back on track.
When you believe you aren’t good enough, mainly because your parents or peers tell you so, you feel ashamed. This deep-seated emotion influences the way you see yourself, lowering your self-esteem.
“That thing you did was bad,” guilt says. Shame tells you, “You’re an awful person because you did that.”
What Causes Shame to Be Toxic?
You’ve probably experienced and will experience shame at some point in your life. Shame might persist for a few minutes, hours, or even days.
Toxic shame, on the other hand, comes from being told you’re not good enough all the time. It leads to negative self-talk that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

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