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I sold everything I have to get better

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Football is a sport with a lot of contact and a lot of intensity. Football injuries can keep players out of the game due to the repeated nature and severe impact of the sport. If you play football or have a child who does, it’s vital to know how to spot some of the injuries that can occur while playing and how to manage them so that long-term harm is avoided before contacting a doctor. Football Injuries That Are Common. Recreational football players can sprain an ankle, dislocate a shoulder, or simply push their bodies beyond their limits, resulting in painful muscles the following day. Knee and shoulder injuries are common in football, as they are in other contact sports. Wear the correct equipment and a nice pair of shoes to support your movements on the field to avoid injury. Injury prevention in football begins before the season begins, with the correct conditioning and training program. Maintain and improve flexibility through aerobic activities, strength training, and endurance drills. Hydrate yourself before, during, and after games, especially if you’ve taken a break from the sport. To give you the energy you’ll need to make it until halftime, consume foods high in protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals in the days leading up to game day.
If you are injured on the football field, you should seek medical attention right once. Follow your doctor’s, sports trainer’s, or physical therapist’s directions for treatment.

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