I spend my birthday with the people I love

eat the food you enjoy. Your day has come; enjoy it. Your favourite dishes may not typically “go together,” but they do now. Enjoy. Perform a childhood pastime. Perhaps it was a board game, a game of tag, or some drawing. Do it now, whatever it was! Do it to reawaken your sense of play and creativity. Pursue it out of pure enjoyment. The emotions it will evoke in you will astound you. Think back to your favourite birthday. Spend some time remembering and savouring the recollections of any birthdays that stand out in your mind. Laugh loudly. Take action that makes you giddy with joy! Laughter is healthy and makes you feel happy. Give someone else a present. Why not donate gifts to others on our birthdays since we all know it feels better to give than to receive? Since your mother gave birth to you, she likely experienced a more memorable day than you did. squander the day! You can give your time to someone you care about, a charity, or anything else you choose instead of a material gift. Give someone else a present by making your day. Invest some time in yourself. There are times when our days are so full with activities and responsibilities that we don’t have time for ourselves. Think about giving yourself the gift of time to unwind and relax.

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